Friday, May 21, 2010

So yeah...

Sorry it's been a while. I've been dealing with stupid drama, don't ask me about it because I don't want to talk about it.

So elections are over, some of my guys won, some lost, and some are still running. Well the two offices are for sheriff and senator. I'm voting Halter again, and for those of you who don't know, I'm voting for Ledbetter again. So there's my vote, I'm not ashamed.

On another note, I wanted to talk about something that has to deal with my recent drama, but it also has to deal with society.


I used to think sexism didn't exist anymore. That we lived in a country where I was equal to a boy no matter what happened in the past. Unfortunately I found out I was wrong as I got older.

I'm all for being a girl. I don't have a problem letting my kid play princess dress up. I'm not an uber-feminist. I'm not even one to get angry at stuff.

When I was a teenager, I applied for a job at a car dealership. I walked in, and before being asked what I was applying for, I was told that they "didn't have any jobs for girls right now." What they meant was that there were no secretary positions open. After all, a girl can't possibly work in the garage, wash cars, or be a salesman... at least that was their opinion. I went home, livid, and told my parents what had happened. They shrugged it off and told me to let it go, so I did.

Later in life I had a job where my boss told me to dress more provocatively. I just quit. I didn't fight it. I just quit.

Because what's the use?

Today I have to say is a world where men expect women to do everything but don't want to give them any credit for it.

My mom worked, cooked all the meals, and cleaned the house. She even mowed the lawns and tended to all of her children's needs on top of these things.

What did my dad do? He worked.

Not to say that my dad is lazy, but that's society today. The only thing we got from equal rights was more shit to deal with. Now we are expected to work full time and do all the household chores, cooking, and child rearing. It's bullshit.

On top of that, let's look at divorce. You get a divorce as a woman, and you want custody of your kids? You are probably going to get it, but here's the stuff they don't tell you- you fight and win full custody of your child. Well your psychotic ex still gets to see that kid, even if he's behind in child support. It's harder to get child support than it is for him to see his child. He gets the easy way out. He gets none of the responsibility and all of the benefits. What do you get? All the debt it costs to raise a child. All of the responsibility. All of the stuff that makes you a REAL parent. I hate the system. It's unfair and biased towards men. I hate just about everything right now quite honestly. This whole country is crap.

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow. Or maybe I'll move.

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