Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My life...

So last night I watched "Motherhood", it was a movie that only a few people went to see in theaters. Technically it was a box office failure. I watched it anyway- I like Uma Thurman and the previews didn't look bad. Well- it wasn't the best film, it wasn't the worst, but all in all I could've lived without ever watching it.

The movie is about a married mother of two, living in big city New York. It is set within the space of a day- she has to live her life, run errands, prepare for her daughter's six birthday, all while competing in a blog contest and running her own blog.

I don't live in New York, so I can't say much about whether or not the movie was realistic. I thought the main character was the most dysfunctional of the lot, spending way too much time complaining. The preview showed it as comical and sardonic. It really fell flat as far as comedy. The only funny part involved urine.

But it wasn't bad, and trust me I have seen some AWFUL films.

On a personal note I interviewed today for a job.
I got my degree in history and I am proud of it, but unfortunately there is not a lot of calling in my area of expertise. So I applied to work at a pharmacy. Part of me is sad about this- because I know it's not what I want to do in life. However, it is a job, could be a career, and there is no harm in learning a new trade. I might actually be good at it. If I train under the pharmacist, I could take a test and get licensed as a pharmacy technician. I hear they make pretty good money.

In a time of economic crisis, I am grateful to even have the ability to apply for a job. So many people are out of work that I have no right to complain about "not following my dreams." Reality tells me that this could be good stable work that will help me provide for my family. Dreams are for children.

Or are they? There's no real reason why I can't continue with what I want, if I only do it in my spare time... I think I used to be really good at writing, so maybe I could work on that. Not in the sense that I write here, but in a bigger sense- like a novel. That could be really neat. I've been working on one as a pet project, but it's kind of stalled out. Maybe being busy with a new job will help me get a fresh perspective.

On a side note, elections are coming up. I'm voting for Chad Jordan for Hot Spring County Judge and Halter for Senate. But who do I want for the other offices?? I don't know much about the candidates in that arena.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything. I don't know who to talk to about it, because I've found that most people are just as overwhelmed and confused as I am. The world is a scary place. I can never take my eyes of my child, or she might be jerked out of a shopping cart while I peruse the sauce shelf. I can't hire a babysitter I haven't known for more than five years. I can't trust in the kindness of strangers- if I have a flat tire, I just need to fix it myself or lock myself in the car. Because a stranded tiny lady is a good target.

But I remember being able to play in my parent's yard without supervision. I remember my mom leaving her car unlocked at the grocery store. I remember my dad picking up people with car trouble just to be nice.

What happened?

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