Friday, May 7, 2010

Healthcare Reform

The bill passed!
But was it for the best??

I researched insurance companies to see what I could get if I had personal insurance and then averaged them all to see the average cost of someone like me- someone with one pre-existing condition- to have private insurance.

$264.41 a month (although most plans refused me outright due to pre-existing conditions)

$5205 deductible

lifetime maximum care to be paid: 1 million... well that seems like a lot, but I had to pay over 5000 to get my eye stiched up when it broke open, and that only took them like 5 minutes. What if I had something done that took them over a day or two?

no maternity coverage
Guess we can't have anymore kids. Can't afford them...

thirty to sixty dollar co pay for each visit, thirty for a doctor and sixty for a specialist. Well crap my dog charges me $45, so if I go to the doctor once a week for a month, that means the insurance company only had to pay $15 a visit, or about sixty dollars in a month. How does that equal out to over two hundred bucks?

I'm not saying healthcare reform was the best decision, but looking at this I gotta question how it's going to be worse....

Just curious.

Some people say it's because we'll have doctor shortages, get less care, and that we'll have to wait for hours, days, or weeks.

Well... I don't know anything about doctor shortages, but...

The last time I went to the E.R. the doctor was cracked out on something, they left me alone for hours, and then forgot about me and prescribed me the wrong medicine for what was wrong. The time before that I walked out the back exit on accident and ran into a nurse smoking a joint...

My dad went to the hospital with a stroke and stayed there for four days. I think the doctor came and saw him once. He sat there with no clue about what was wrong with him for four days.

So we already have to wait days and hours, so I'm just wondering about the weeks.

For an average doctor visit with my doctor, I wait anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Kendra's doctor is about the same.

The public clinic in Arkadelphia takes the same amount of time... and only costs five dollars. And I've never seen a single one of them drunk or messed up.

So the only thing I'm worried about is the talk about killin' off our old folks. That scares me. Because someday I'll be old too.

What are your thoughts on it?

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